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  1. LucasHTOR89 says:


  2. ya2121 says:

    5 -3

  3. Mrpearmagnet says:

    This song playing as you walk out of Bridge best feeling in the world.

  4. TheHelder51 says:

    SANTOS FUTEBOL CLUBE. Maior time da terra !


  5. hash190 says:

    Scummy club

  6. portilon says:

    I’m sure next season chelsea will win the uefa cup

  7. djurocfc says:

    CHESLSEA !!!!!

  8. djurocfc says:

    Chelsea the best !!!

  9. Pzie88 says:

    i didnt mean to insult you or united..but how about another player like rooney that sleep with prostitute while his wife still pregnant..?? i think Chelsea not the problem but England team are..feel free to reply but not with harsh word…have a nice day..

  10. pantherkidm says:

    are u stupid if u remove this comment i kno why but look what he put

  11. pantherkidm says:

    are u stupid if u remove this comment i kno why but look what he put

  12. nicolashansma says:

    best on earth

  13. saiarfi says:

    do u have a TV? don’t u???

  14. stinghawk99 says:

    small club . no history no money no trophy

  15. gamernihad says:


  16. PerfectRoast says:

    they sing ‘blue is the colour’ but in this vid ther mostly wearing black. Show how fuckin dumb ther thick fans are haha

  17. TheRbBishop says:

    fuck united

  18. chelseablue2625 says:

    So fucking funny !! Just watched the ROYALS do the scousers !!

  19. JonasGobel says:

    lol if u hate chelsea why u watching chelsea video. rofl dickhead FUck Man United. NOOB

  20. UNITEDxWRx10 says:

    fuck off Chelski fc u have no history !

  21. sirmatt181 says:

    why are you watching a tribute to CHELSEA FC you douche bag

  22. russellmartin01 says:

    Claret and Blue are the colours!!!!

  23. MANABUR says:

    GO Chelsea !! We love Chelsea !!

  24. Moomme93 says:

    what the fuck are you talking about, were not fucking americans


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