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  1. TheeCRZAZL says:

    no he was putting stuff in my mouth which i didn’t say, I said that we should mix youth and experience(old guard) in the team, but he thought i said we had to kick the old guard out or something

  2. Amse94 says:

    i agree yeah he has been quality at the start of the season! i could already see a bright future for him at Chelsea, but the second half of the season he forgot that he was playing with a team and always decided to do things his way, i remember fans around me booing him after he had a chance to pass the ball to Torres for Torres to score his second/third and he decided to drag the ball past the keeper from a very tight angle. he’s a very talented player who has alot to give but he needs to pass.

  3. SuperOutcast55 says:

    Xavi and Iniesta, you could’ve got Torres threw on goal so many times! And Xavi come on wtf, you always blanked Alba and you always passed it square to Alonso.

    Has Xavi forgotten the main objective of Football?

  4. josefakororua26 says:

    spain wtf, every team needs a striker, you cant play fabgriass as a strike, bringing off torres was bullshit, spain please play torres or i will cut my own dick off just joking thats too far lol

  5. josefakororua26 says:

    so glad your not the manager, cause what u said is just not good players

  6. RabNebula says:

    McEachran is definitely good enough but it just depends on whether he gets played. Hopefully if he goes on loan again this season then it will be to a team who actually needs him. Swansea already had enough in the technical CM style and also had Sinclair out on the left mid. He almost had less opportunity there than if he just played at Chelsea all season.

  7. RabNebula says:

    He seems to also be agreeing with you here. Not every response you get will be of a differing view to you.

  8. F2DGraphics says:

    I dont agree, i think where people are mistaken are they are completely forgetting the first half of the season. Sturridge used to score goals for fun, he was at the right place at the right time, usually from assists from Mata & Cole. Mata stopped playing in the wing as much and Sturridge’s form dipped. When he was scoring goals, he also used to help. Now that he noticed he started scoring less he always went for glory to try regain his form, thats when he became selfish.

  9. CFCprodz says:

    I think Mathieu Debuchy would be a great signing priced at a low 6-7 £.
    Apart from being great defensivly he’s also a very good attacking RB. Although there is a slight catch. Roman wants a young squad for next season and since Debuchy will turn 27 this year I think it would be better to sign Cesar Azpilicueta(b. 1989)

  10. jackmilo89 says:

    Lol at at all the little kids who wanted VDW without watching him play and now have seen him play they don’t want him.I was telling you for months that hes not that good.

  11. TheeCRZAZL says:

    That’s exactly what I said, we need a balance of experience and youth, idk what you read

  12. GregTechnobeast1997 says:

    yeah true:P i hope mceachran does 2

  13. Clodaghkjm says:

    Debuchy looked pretty good.

  14. RabNebula says:

    No. Rodwell?! VdW?! Hulk is good but would be in the way of younger prospects and would hinder us more than help in the long term.

  15. Tjay1896 says:

    buy van der wiel, hulk, wilfried zaha and rodwell :)))))

  16. SuperOutcast55 says:

    If Torres doesn’t reach double figures by January, we must sell him…

  17. RabNebula says:

    Absolutely. VdW is not a good RB. I’d love to see Kyle Walker but that probably won’t happen so if not him then Debuchy is really coming good at the moment.

  18. RabNebula says:

    Don’t sell Sturridge, he’s going to be top scorer next season. If they play him in the right place now Drogbas gone and there is enough in the wide areas for him to not have to cover that position out of his zone. I would like to see him playing just behind Torres with Mata and Hazard pushing up either side and Lampard and Ramires just behind Sturridge.

  19. Berisoo says:

    believe me I do too. Piazon will make it that should cheer you up a bit:P

  20. ken3xd says:

    To be honest i havent watched him except on youtube, but if the guy can play better than Sturridge or less i dont care he should come back to the team and Sturridge bye bye

  21. Amse94 says:

    the amount of times i’ve seen sturridge go for glory and miss when he could simply pass it is immence… he is a fantastic player without a doubt but he built an ego from all us chelsea fans praising his performance… he should learn that he’s playing for a team that consider team-work and not individuals. if he wants to do all that crap he could leave and go to Bolton where they wouldn’t mind a player like that but at Chelsea we consider passing rather than pointless runs

  22. Bgfootballdude says:

    22 Twats?

  23. F2DGraphics says:

    Sturridge is class, when he doesnt put himself first he is a great infront of goal and has good assisting abilities and also vision.

  24. Amse94 says:

    … Kakuta was Dijon’s key player… if he was having a bad day so would Dijon. why do you think he has 14 apps only? he joined them end of January and season ends in April-May… 14 apps = 14 weeks ¬¬ i’ve been watching him, he’s far better than Danny Sturridge and has great vision and does not go for glory everytime he’s infront of the goal. he scored a screamer on his debut for Bolton and Dijon.

  25. TheReaderWriter says:

    Victor Moses is questionable. He’s the best at Wigan, but he might suck at Chelsea. We don’t have to be desperate for signings.

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