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  1. NzKya says:

    Not racist lets just end this conversation okay?

  2. GhostRiderOnWheels says:

    Haahaha, you stupid racist cunt, you’re also foreign to me, moron! And I have studies on my side also, they show that stupid racist pricks like you are small-minded, so I have no intention talking to you, and going down on your level, have a nice life I-Don’t-Know-Anything-About-Football-But-I’m-Stupid-So-I-Think-I-Do prick 😉

  3. NzKya says:

    Lmfao you don’t know more about football than me because you’re obviously foreign

  4. GhostRiderOnWheels says:

    What the hell are you talking about? What does Ballack has to do with what I said? U stupid prick, I love football, I know more players than you can imagine, I’m a Chelsea fan, how could I not know Ballack? I have been told even that I look like him…You MORON,

  5. NzKya says:

    I doubt you would know who ballack was.

  6. BriceH1994 says:

    i love hasslebeck such a nice guy even nicer when he was wearing that chelsea jersey

  7. IWakeUpToSweat says:

    f u mike

  8. claybonc says:

    its spam dumbass make a good video so someone will watch them dont spam

  9. IWakeUpToSweat says:

    no u shut up mike

  10. NoVGAMING says:

    In Europe. I guarantee you not many Americans know Lampard.

  11. gunboss201 says:

    Yep it’s Ballack Alright

  12. dumkopf says:

    I could see Drogba being a great wideout! Pretty good hands and he can move!

  13. claybonc says:

    shut up :/

  14. 22amire says:


  15. AsithMahatHD says:

    King Didier Drogba Best at EVERYTHING….

  16. xXOrangeMunchkinXx says:

    Your welcome

  17. bruceleroy1990 says:

    Lampard gives him a shirt with Hasselbeck on the back, and yet he gives Lampard a shirt also with Hasselbeck on the back. Chelsea is 100x bigger than any NFL team and Lampard is 100x more known than Hasselbeck.

  18. luciano6207 says:

    I could see Drogba playing in the NFL well in his prime anyways

  19. hackrsqurl says:

    Lol that was funny

  20. 22amire says:

    Guys check out my FIFA videos! Comment rate and subscribe!!

  21. dermonater1 says:

    Stop tricking me with this intro! -.- i turn my volume up and an like why no sounds?! Then all of a sudden, BOOM. Not cool! xD

  22. Engel13Nurse says:

    Aww memories from the first Seattle visit. I remember meeting the Chelsea boys at their hotel…as a psycho nurse with plush chainsaw in hand and every one was scared of me except Mr. Ballack. I was in a parade that day.

  23. insanezion says:

    can always trust didier to have perfect ball control, whether on his foot or his hands

  24. FootballForThought says:

    No, just no.

  25. MrChelseaLondonfc says:

    Ooops, sorry.

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