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  1. cheesy1231 says:

    Best night in all our careers? No offence Frank, but I think Torres winning the World Cup is better.

  2. Mathew Yarcia says:

    Half naked man in the traffic light will win the golden boot next season.

  3. supertubeweb says:

    david luiz is jeremias!

  4. KVenom1337 says:

    I can tell you’re a United fan, too thick to know when you’re being trolled. Essex twat, ‘FAIL’, who even says that?

  5. strawhatgunz says:

    i wanna be there.. :/

  6. strawhatgunz says:

    dafug???????????????????? o0

  7. thelastpcbender says:


  8. DAMNBros says:

    LOL FAIL.. I’m a Man United fan and i know better!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  9. MrCHELSEA1221 says:


  10. TheMessijack says:


  11. OnlyDeano says:

    Luiz is always drunk.

  12. yazan al abedan says:

    1:58 look at that guy XDDD

  13. franck salinas cruzado says:

    ♍ee encanta el chelsea fan numero 1

  14. Siddhuakahollowful says:


  15. shoaibahmed588 says:


  16. KVenom1337 says:

    Been a Chelsea fan for almost two months now, but when Kalou scored that last penalty and we won the Europa league I cried <3!!!11

  17. o0Bowchicabowbow0o says:

    FERNANDO TORRES… SINGING?! The dude was drunk for sure, that ‘my frieeeeend’ is… omfg my poor ears xD
    Juan & Fernando = Spanish Power in London 😉 xD


    I was proud to be there come on you sexy blues

  19. theonexHD says:

    Expressing my opinion. U mad bro ?

  20. petroff8 says:

    If i can do one thing, i will keep Didier at the club. THANKS DIDIER, statue for our HEROE!!!

  21. Doikkk says:


  22. MrTillyayre says:

    there is alot of words in it, and that makes it hard to work out!!!!

  23. frankie8lampardCFC says:

    and there is more chance of JT and Lamps leaving the mighty Blues than Man City winning it next season! It’s staying at the Bridge! Come on you Blues.

  24. frankie8lampardCFC says:

    “Super, Super Frank, Super, Super Frank, Super, Super Frank, Super Frankie Lamaprd” Legend!

  25. MultiJTerry says:

    Torres singing. :DDDDDDDD Damn it.He must be very drunk that day coz he would never ever do that in the public.

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