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  1. blueguitarz17 says:

    Other main contentions

    -Radamel Falcao García (Replacement for Drogba in effect, supporting Torres’ movement up front behind the opposition’s
    back four)
    -Marouane Fellaini (A key player for the holding role in MF and interchanging between Lampard’s role)

  2. blueguitarz17 says:

    Chelsea Signings shortlist (based on the Euro’s) should contain for contention
    Key Buys = –

    -Mathieu Debuchy (RB situation)
    -Yann M’Vila (Multi-Role SB and DMF)
    -João Moutinho (MF Long term replacement for lampard and feeding possession to the front two)
    Fábio Coentrão
    Thomas Müller
    Sami Khedira
    Marco Reus
    Toni Kroos
    Claudio Marchisio
    Leonardo Bonucci
    Jordi Alba Ramos


  3. 0Jass says:

    But he can play there pretty good.

  4. TANUKI10000 says:

    Di Matteo. your voice has very teen….^ ^

  5. EmiIe Heskey says:


  6. NLWK110710 says:

    if chelsea isn’t performing next year, abrahamovic shouldn’t get rid of di matteo immediately, it’s wrong to sack managers everytime.

  7. MrCianHD says:

    Di Matteo should stay for more than a season. I think he is a bit like mourinho

  8. MrAbolambah says:

    you are speacial one

  9. Ogyuna26 says:

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  10. F2DGraphics says:

    What the fuck has him being jew got to do with anything? Grow the fuck up, im not jewish but its offensive how you look at things.

  11. 97laze says:

    he is 32 and he is jew we don’t want Judas in our team… he was never key player in our team, we need to buy Moses for the bench, Hulk or Marin on the wing Mata and Hazard rotating wing and playmaker and one Central Midfielder like Fellaini Box to Box

  12. debeastdueeast says:

    Glad we removed the “Interim” tag on his manager’s contract..

  13. GURU235 says:

    over/under for RDM I say 1 year 

  14. Chelseafc2010north says:

    He needs to prove himself next year still, i hope 30 golas at least.

  15. dmat45 says:

    Looking for a Drogba replacement we dont need to go that far, Demba Ba will be a perfect replacement why spent 40 million on Hulk when a player with same quality if not better considering his done great in the league.

  16. XeNoFoBiiC says:

    that’s true 😀
    btw we got defense and even attack

  17. delitesoul says:

    How do you guys feel about the news that Sturridge might leave? I thing he’s a top quality player and should stay

  18. FrankLampardd08 says:

    Lol more like Serie A has the weakest Midfielders in the world.

  19. FrankLampardd08 says:

    (cont…) and also i think Torres shut all his critics up a few days ago.

  20. FrankLampardd08 says:

    that was after he had an outstanding season at villa, he hasn’t even got playing time once he went to a top team. Milner is a great player but doesn’t have World Class quality like Torres Ronaldo Van Persie. Critics just take the smallest weaknesses and mistakes by a well known player and expose it to make it seem 100x worse. I live in America, and if u watch NBA basketball ull know the Best player in the league is also the most hated because he left his team similarly to torres leavin Liverpool

  21. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    who else thinks that his voice is soo relaxing??

  22. turkurdurrrg says:

    Ivanovic is a brilliant right back and Sam Hutchinson and Todd Kane will be good cover for him.

  23. vjunior27 says:

    Welcome home Di Matteo

  24. kdotmj says:

    I wanna win the league

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