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  1. mrosioke says:

    He Scored a Hat-trick vs Brazil. Explain?

  2. JatexTC says:

    WHAT ACCENT WAS HE SPEAKING!? 😛 British+American…

  3. SirAedh says:

    I would normally agree but he was dicking on brazil the other day


    Go and see last 2 matches with Argentina, 4 goals and 2 assists.

  5. dermonater1 says:

    Im pretty sure we would be able to play in europe? if £32mill and £38mill is £70m? yet madrid bought ronaldo and PSG try for rooney for £100mill?

  6. faridzwanie says:

    need a sub stiker but not the expensive striker

  7. ThreeBros23 says:

    considering he has some of the best players in the world that play for argentina

  8. 7bec7ham7 says:

    We spend 70 Mil on Hazard & Hulk.
    We also need a skriker for Rotation with Torres. After spending so much we cant sign Falcao or Cavani.

  9. hock3y4life says:

    meh, Di Maria sucks 😛

  10. kevinliemunandar says:

    his age is the main reason..

  11. sickpacdude1 says:

    The thing is, Messi doesn’t need Iniesta or Xavi or Fabregas. He is a one man show like Ronaldo. (CR7) The reason why Messi doesn’t play well at international level or not as well is because there isn’t that midfield support. All he needs is some defence and a midfield support for the team to be complete.

  12. AkshatSTR8EDGE says:

    bro he plays gud watch the matches again only he is sellected less

  13. GuitarrAddictt says:

    Messi can’t perform when he’s not surrounded by Iniesta, Fabregas or Xavi. He needs somebody to play the pass to him. He suits the Barcelona style, that’s why he’s being compared to CR and that’s why it’s being said that he’s better than CR.

    Heres where i disagree. Ronaldo plays great for both teams, Portugal and Real Madrid. That’s what makes him BETTER than Messi (my personal opinion, if you don’t agree, don’t bother to reply).

  14. mukangtae3 says:

    the only person that sucks in argentina is messi not aguero not tevez not lavezzi nor di maria

  15. Joseph McCartny says:

    reporter’s nose is broken lol..

  16. jabulani kintu says:

    we wont be able to play in europe if we continue to pay crazy money, and he didnt get rich by spending that much money carelessly

  17. ddr110285 says:

    whats wrong with the presenters nose ?? it looks like a battered sausage !!! gad damn

  18. dermonater1 says:

    Just go up to the 38 mill mark for hulk! Your a billionnaire for god sake roman 😀

  19. dermonater1 says:

    Get Hulk please? Id love to see him play, and especially for Chelsea! And would give us a great attack for next season! Especially if Torres hits form!

  20. Honnesh1MD7595 says:

    you forgot pastore, but the only problem argentina has is that unlike their world class midfield and strike force they don’t have an equally world class defence and goal keeper, coloccini and zabaleta are good but they aren’t world class defenders like puyol or thiago silva

  21. Grnvolpe says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about buddy. Argentina is star-studded and they should be playing a lot better

  22. KBno14 says:

    THe three stripes on the sleeves FAAAAADDDDEEE ( :

  23. DarkCocou says:

    The defenders suck, compared with the forwards. And our goalkeeper plays in the Serie B. Romero aint bad but well, not that good

  24. DarkCocou says:

    But in the last match he scored a goal and give an assistance

  25. alkazapper says:

    they’re not.. only plastics would say such travesty..

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