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  1. StarwarsGeneral says:

    This is why i hate youtube, many immature 12 year olds fighting like a madman who is the best, come on, face the fact people!

  2. StarwarsGeneral says:

    Undeserved win is at 2009, stamford bridge, semi-final.
    barca, why you always dont want to face the reality when your losing, and insult other clubs if they win… be a lil bit mature, please…

  3. vinay0429 says:

    youre serbian, shouldnt you like Ivanovic? he seems to think Chelsea are great, why dont you?

  4. mooneeb123 says:

    And as u say that our playing style sucks but u still lost which means ur style is even worse than ours hehe 😛 like i said get a life and some knowledge :P. U say that drogba sucks but y are there villages,songs,hospitals,dance,alcohol,villa and every thing u can think of, named after him?? Explain me this. Plus i dont knoe a thing which is named after Messi. Only those people who dont know a thing about football say DrogbaSux but if u had knowledge u would know better

  5. mooneeb123 says:

    Oh sorry but did Messi scored against CFC..oh yeah HE didnt. DID drogba scored against Barca.Oh yeah HE DID. and i stand with the belief Drogba IS the Best plus im less of a stupid than u who cant swallow the truth that Chelsea defeated u. YOU GUYS ARE JUST JEALOUS. Messi never scored against us, hazard chose to come at Chelsea, and u still havent defeated Chelsea.

  6. vele2133 says:

    They are better then chelsea like they always be so dont be jealous and guardiola took rest and tito villanova came and they are good friends so you will lose morons and ur deff play style sucks thats killing of football fucking retarded ugly asshole!

  7. vele2133 says:

    haha get a life? well my life is 10000x better then your im not some small ugly shit like you im bodybuilder and btw every 1 says that chelsea sucks so stop denying what i say, stupid england nerd, i have much better knowledge then you so gtfo fucking tard!

  8. mooneeb123 says:

    And if u want to argue with me:
    1| Get a life
    2| Get some facts
    3| And Remember u have no knowledge about football so just go to ur mommy and SHUT UP.

  9. mooneeb123 says:

    And if u say Barca was better than us in our match prove it to me with facts then i’ll consider. But if u continue barking like dog as u are now then it will prove u have no facts and that CHELSEA DEFEATED BARCELONA. And btw mate get urself checked or go back to ur mommy and learn some manners and respect. U lost to Chelsea while Chelsea won the champions league. Messi missed a penalty while Torres humiliated u. Guardiola left while we still have Di Matteo. Face it Chelsea is better than Barca.

  10. mooneeb123 says:

    Idiot! u urself say barca MISSED an empty goal XD Oh yeah and they didnt want to shoot..whatever u just said u just made Barca look bad. THEY MISSED AN OPEN GOAL. Guardiola won u every title but oh he’s not here next season :O not surprising since barca lost to Chelsea. Face It Barca cant defeat Chelsea and Messi cant score against Cech. they had 100% chances to score at stamford bridge but they didnt score did they Drogba (Best In The World) did.

  11. TheCJCJ11 says:

    Im Stupid? Nice use of Grammar there…

  12. vele2133 says:

    torres shouldnt score that goal if messi scored from penalty u fucking brainless shit and drogba is biggest sucker in the wrodl die sons of bitches!

  13. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:

    You’re a mentally disturbed child. Go read a book or something, the internet is fucking up your head. 1-0 DROGBAAAAAAAAHH <3 2-1 RAMIRESSSSS!!!! <3 2-2 FERNANDO TORRRRRRRREEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! <33 Whos Barcelona again?

  14. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:

    lol ur mentally challenged.

  15. vele2133 says:


  16. vele2133 says:

    stfu u fucking engalnd nerd moornic braindamaged kid think about the playing style retarded son of the bitch!

  17. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:


  18. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:


  19. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:


  20. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:


  21. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:


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  23. idachem says:

    nice video…steve…good job!! KTBFFH….  🙂

  24. BlueArmyChelsea says:

    The video maker saw the VladVideo about ‘Chelsea-Barcelona : revenge time’
    Nice video : here’s mine : /watch?v=X9ys8rsvXtg

  25. nwoodz says:

    I Hate Barcelona Fans, Except Some Of My Friends, Ofcourse. I Wish Chelsea Meet Barcelona Next Year In The Semi’s Or In The Final Because We Are rebuilding Our Team And We Would Beat Them Hard By Then…

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