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  1. franclis obeng says:

    no wonder you pass thru well,hard trainers,congrat

  2. lawrence brown says:

    BLUES 4 life,all the way from nigeria

  3. pigrabbitfriend says:


  4. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    fuck barca , fuck wigan , fuck tottenham , fuck arsenal.

  5. Dhalsim06 says:

    Suck my ass!

  6. Dhalsim06 says:

    Fuck you we beat them you mother fucker

  7. TheDavor339 says:


  8. gerrardluiz says:

    then whats the score now at the 75th minute

  9. mrlickmytoe123 says:

    COME ON BARCA!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. TheJolakia says:

    Vile chav scum……….come on barcelona

  11. pluto20010 says:

    “But it’s not about what happens in my last year here. Success for Chelsea is the most important thing.” DROGBA LEGEND

  12. papalolita says:

    Banning Ivanovic for domestic games was a blessing in disguise.

    Now he’s fresh for the Barcelona game.

  13. moeShuaibi says:

    totally agree with both of you we should look for a replacement for him (or play Romu more he’s better) instead of looking for expensive strikers. And he will be good as a back up.

  14. danipeh says:

    ballotelli on alex song, yeah, he could break his leg easily

  15. transcount says:

    I watch him closely too and u couldnt be more right. Uve described him EXACTLY the way I would. We’re compatriots and I feel I should be supporting him but he’s weighing down Chelsea. He contributes next to nothing to forward play and lacks the confidence to move with the ball. Appears satisfied just being in the team doing the minimum necessary to stay in. He won the silver ball behind Messi at FIFA Holland 2005 (!) but has been disappointing ever since. To anyone who disagrees, just WATCH HIM.

  16. Denisamilanivideos says:

    motherfucking FA. Niggers like young dive like his balls are cut and yaya another nigger almost kicked mata on the face and nothing happened.

  17. transcount says:

    I havent noticed that but I honestly dont doubt it, the guy flattens our midfield and I wonder how he’s managing to hold down that shirt

  18. fred4137 says:

    Tmrialv totally agree with you. I really hope Essien would be ready for the game.

  19. T1027Production says:

    Drogba for Barcelona , Torres for arsenal.

  20. Daniel King says:

    Nice to see Patrick Bamford training with the first team!

  21. ciaranjohnson23 says:

    Sturridge is to selfish

  22. Otaiguru says:

    Sturridge is good but he’s selfish.

  23. TheNagaMoris says:

    RDM deserves the job regardless of if he wins anything or not. Might even be a good thing Chelsea don’t make 4th then he can allow the youngsters to play in the Europa league to gain vital experience. Youngsters like McEachran, Piazon, Chalobah…they need to play at the highest level now. Chelsea always have a chance of beating Uefalona as proven in the past. Just hope Farcelona don’t ruin the games with girly play acting and getting someone sent off.

  24. tmrialv says:

    he can do better man.please before you say anything just always watch him closely. he doesnt mark well , too many back passes . he doesn’t go forward much , and he doesn’t fall back quickly when he does a little.he’s not confident , usually out of ideas , telling people to pass back , slowing counter attack, he doesnt run into open space and call for a pass etc. the guy is a weak link. people dont always talk about it when we win games. but he’s the more reason why they attack u more lately.

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