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  1. superpowermanable says:

    what team do you support? liverpool? Man. Utd? they win nothing. fuck off.

  2. edoNCG says:

    fa cup today

  3. tekumzeh says:

    blue is actually a felling that is very populsat among chelsea fans, which is quite understandable, you simply can’t be happy surounded with plastic flags, traitors, and empty trophy cabinet

  4. tekumzeh says:

    BLUE IS ACTUALLY A FEELING WHICH IS VERY POPULAR AMONGS CHELSEA FANS, but that’s quite understadable, you can’t be happy surouded with plastic flags, traitors and empy tropy cabinet

  5. AlienIRL says:

    can you even afford computers there

  6. GuitarrAddictt says:

    Blue is the colour til i tie! Even though i’m not from England, i love Chelsea like it’s my Home town football club!


  7. Amgaa26 says:

    Chelsea is the best. from Mongolia

  8. rikenteam says:

    Chelsea is our name!!!!!!…..must remember it….

  9. Derkayzer says:

    Champions League is a cup competition, any team can win it, as exampled by Loserpool bungling through the 2005 joke tournament, the league is different, and the premier league is harder to win than the old division one, we’ve won 3 you’ve won 0 and your band of murderers are finished JOG ON – ALONE!!

  10. TheHeavymetal4ever says:

    kindergarten song for toddlers

  11. ekimozturk says:

    Those people slagging off Chelsea… what the F**k are you doing watching the Chelsea anthem on you tube? Just pi** off losers.

  12. iamcheerit86 says:

    You have no history.

  13. Zint1Ruto says:


  14. MMKuchiki says:

    seeeee bien dixo los asesinaremos buajajaaaaa

  15. MMKuchiki says:

    Cos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name!!!!! i love it!!!!

  16. princesslaura92 says:

    Great vid, chelsea fc not just pride of london, pride of EUROPE

  17. soulbrotha3 says:

    you can talk about history when you’ve won the champions league more times than Nottingham Forest

  18. rossmor95 says:

    liverpool fans kee sayin we have no history

    First Division/FA Premier League: 195455, 200405, 200506
    Second Division: 198384, 198889
    FA Cup: 1970, 1997, 2000, 2007, 2009
    League Cup/Carling Cup: 1965, 1998, 2005, 2007
    FA Charity Shield/FA Community Shield: 1970, 1997, 2006, 2007
    Full Members Cup: 1986, 1990
    UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1971, 1998
    UEFA Super Cup: 1998
    FA Youth Cup: 1960, 1961

    then waat da fuk is dat!!

  19. MimhiiLoveJapananese says:

    I Think My Blood Is Become Blue! xD

    I´m only 12, but i don´t care love them anyway

    Some Of My Idols In Chelsea Is or Wasin Chelsea : Drogba, Lampard,Anelka and Ballack

  20. MrFassa says:


  21. radicolguy says:

    cum on chelsea!!!!
    unlucky against barca
    reef woz a git

  22. helobubi says:

    chelsea fc vs. barca this was a unfair match but ManU is stopping barca!!!
    ManU and Barca are the whole shit in the world

  23. RDiMatteo13 says:


  24. Yarda69 says:

    You are loser if you fan only the winning teams, Chelsea forever

  25. 11ajthebest11 says:


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