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  1. CockneyAsh says:

    i dont want´╗┐ to move from stamford bridge ­čÖü

  2. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    it is not the stadium where they match it is the field where they get trained ( i think )´╗┐

  3. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    it kinda looks small , even´╗┐ though they’re just the images from the project

  4. lilbigbrow says:

    Son, theres only 2 teams in London and thats Chelsea´╗┐ FC and Chelsea fc reserves…Have fun at europa league

  5. cfcallday95 says:

    don’t like it´╗┐

  6. KingShadowMaster576 says:


  7. TheWWECenaChampion says:

    Fail´╗┐ English… “Tottenham are”

  8. Eskimo2hell says:

    Like the vintage look but could still have done a slightly better´╗┐ job.

  9. markosparko1000 says:

    bid´╗┐ dienied

  10. supersteveo1100 says:


  11. evilzeph says:

    Thats cute. Enjoy the Europa´╗┐ cup, I hear its nice down there.

  12. Lostprophetzzz says:

    say that when you win a piece of silverware…
    oh yeah.´╗┐ and 5-1

  13. PSNCrippledSheep says:

    WTF´╗┐ plants near the stadium.

  14. prajwolkeci says:

    tottenham —- can’t´╗┐ even get a manager

  15. dougla2345 says:

    Yeah´╗┐ a healthy dose of Europa league will bring you back to your senses
    What out guys we got a Idiot over here! ^^^

  16. dougla2345 says:

    Is it just me who thinks this looks like a kid built´╗┐ it with Legos?

  17. StarwarsGeneral says:

    correction, Chelsea and Arsenal are the only team in london

    Tottenham is the only london team in the´╗┐ next europa league.

  18. TheVokality says:

    lol result was still the´╗┐ same, but w/e

  19. OpTiicN1GA says:

    ashley young missed! coles got saved but thanks :D´╗┐

  20. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    are you gay ? now i understand you love for tottenham :P´╗┐

  21. chelseaforever10 says:

    Chelsea first team based in London to be crowned European´╗┐ champions! So fuck you asshole

  22. amazingXindustries says:

    Why have an older looking´╗┐ stadium ?

  23. TheVokality says:

    England ­čÖü Sad you guys lost, especially with A cole missing a penalty´╗┐ ­čÖü Oh well, Italy doesn’t stand a chance against Germany……

  24. pdffinder says:


  25. pdffinder says:

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