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  1. AceHalford says:

    I take everything back I said to Drogba, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

  2. terminator117940 says:

    we want a statue

  3. Reaper91698 says:

    his contract expired, he’s gonna play for a chinese team

  4. Hampe966 says:

    Drogba for assistant coach :)

  5. Alexalibur13 says:

    Good things must come to an end. Goodbye legend.

  6. XrussianXonXcrack09 says:


  7. azabee1 says:


  8. Connor Stuart-Smith says:

    hey guys check out my video for the legend

  9. ammarpanda98 says:

    Why is he leaving 🙁

  10. MaleBosszz says:

    Drogba definitely won the CL on his own with Cech those 2 will always be Chelsea legends no doubt.+

  11. forbesb says:

    Goodness gracious I’ll miss him.

  12. 124ninjasaga says:

    i love you very much drogba from me and all the blues…you gona be ALL TIME LEGEND FROM CHELSEA….and why you leave!!

  13. nana12nessy says:

    Ooooh Didier.

  14. Vidak13 says:

    This couldn’t happen, chelsea fans will always remember you. (Me too)

  15. Nathanorange6 says:

    Thank you for the great memories growing up Didier, you will be missed.

  16. ricstarz says:

    im in tears for drogba

  17. LittleMissFussy says:

    hazard is a winger or mata-type player, hulk will replace droggy

  18. LittleMissFussy says:

    there’s no “I” in TEAM… oh yes there is van pers-i-e

  19. ItisJAM3S says:

    If you want to see a one man team, check out Van Persie FC.

  20. ItisJAM3S says:

    Hazard is not a striker..

  21. HD6SOCCER says:

    u mean hazard

  22. kuttex89 says:


  23. LoveThumbsUp says:

    Farewell Didier, True Chelsea’s Legend. Thank you for everything you did for CFC for the 8 years.. Thank you for bringing CFC to the top flight of football, thank you. WE, as a ChelseaFC Fan will be always supporting you no matter what happens, you’ll always be in our heart. Please do come back and cheer for the team whenever you’re free.. Really really enjoyed watching you either on or off the pitch, giving support to the team… ALL THE BEST !!

  24. redmustang03 says:

    Kind of knew it was coming once Chelsea won the CL, you knew that this is the beginning of the end. You better up hope Hazard is like Drogba because if not you guys are in a world of hurt because in a Italian formation you need that striker up front that can out muscle everyone and Drogba could do that. All I can say is enjoy this now and forever because you may never get back to the CL finals again.

  25. britishjack103 says:

    He’s going to shanghai shneau where anelka went

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