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  1. dlang1996 says:

    How many times does he want to hit the post then in?!? Far out…

  2. SigurTibbs says:

    haha thanks a lot man. I’ve never really disliked Arsenal. I just feel like they have been underachieving. Wenger needs to sort out his team leadership and get his midfield and defense consistent. Overall though, i prefer Arsenal to Man Utd, and Liverpool.

  3. DevGurung says:

    dude i’m subscribed to you, you play good music and like football although I’m a rival arsenal fan, you sir have good taste ha.

  4. SigurTibbs says:

    We’re going to have a problem of luxury in the midfield. Too many good midfielders.

  5. deerter9991 says:

    @HDGoalie lol chelsea already bought him

  6. HDGoalie says:

    he’s a lot older than i thought, but very underrated. A bigger club should sign him

  7. xiMaxwellAFC says:

    check him out, his name is kevin mirallas plays for olympiakos. real talent.

  8. HDGoalie says:

    who is he?

  9. R0b0mammal says:

    He looks like a very good player, but he seems slow, weak and not very explosive.

  10. JWriva says:

    he signed for chelsea last january then sent back to genk for the rest of the season

  11. xiMaxwellAFC says:

    and mirilas 

  12. POLChelseaFC says:

    To be fair he could of been used…

  13. HDGoalie says:

    Belgium are on their way to greatness! Kompany, Vermaelen, Lukaku, Coutois, Fellaini, Hazard, De Bruyne, Dembele, Vertonghen. That team in 4-5 years could rival Spain’s current squad

  14. DeFtoNy31 says:

    Song name???

  15. Reza0509 says:

    i just can say WOW!!!!

  16. nwiley619 says:

    to an extent
    Chelsea = Belgium national team
    would do wonders for the chemistry

  17. Rikaz Umara says:

    thats more like it~ yeay!!

  18. TheMugge522 says:

    He just became the new permanent manager for atleast the next year :D!

  19. Rikaz Umara says:

    yeah, cant wait for the new season, but seriously, i think that RDM should be rewarded as our new manager after what he bought in last season, despite Chelsea’s senior players spirit of will. but if Guardiola make it to the table, i think Chelsea can be recreate as a whole new team and that is good for chelsea. Hopes that new signings could make an impact. we don’t want any ‘Shevchenko’ anymore..

  20. SBCxNINJAKNIFE2010 says:

    does he play for chelsea???

  21. DomiASSable says:

    This guy is a killer

  22. ballybrackroburgaff says:

    Havnt got a clue…. chelsea fans need to consider the players that are goin to be on chelsea next season… everyone is sayin RDM should get it but with chelsea been such an attacking team next season i think it would be a big ask of RDM to manage the team… Same with GAURDIOLA hes more of a possessional type manager… we need a manager to come in who will adapt to the team best…

    Great things for chelsea’s future… I can feel it

  23. amazingXindustries says:

    Omg beast! Needs to go straight on loan

  24. Rikaz Umara says:

    sorry for my miscount, but the thing is, how on earth Chelsea’s new manager will rotate all of these?

  25. MrWickedjay says:

    but still in the champions league though 

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