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  1. KibicChelsea says:


  2. TheCFCSupporter says:

    @234hairbrush don’t spout on about Chelsea being boring because they was playing defensively. Arsenal used to be exactly like that you knob. As for quiet fans.. One word. Library. Ring any bells? Fact of the matter is while Arsenal are doing nothing, Chelsea are winning trophies and making history. 1st team in London pal.

  3. 098ced says:

    Arsenal work for trophies? hmmm
    Looks like they are not working hard enough

  4. 098ced says:

    Getting the popcorn ready……. press show comment and enjoy 😀

  5. 2011FCLiverpool says:

    Is that the bus Chelsea parked against Bayern Munich?

  6. thedaftdrunk says:

    Arsenal are known for being the worst fans in the league highbury the library duh! its even worse now if thats possible at the emirates. Chelsea have won the champions league now the first team in london ever to do it and Arsenal have never won it thats history right there.

  7. Spic3yApple says:

    lol good one

  8. GeneticKH says:

    Tottenham should never have lost 3rd place in the PL.

  9. inTHEwrongGENERATION says:


  10. doctorw2 says:

    my God the tears that fell from my eyes this day were thick as hail GOD bless you chelsea.

  11. jamiekay133 says:

    drogba mental car horn

  12. BlunKKK56 says:

    congrats really deserved it in my opinion and great history !
    from man utd fan !

  13. bloodybutsa says:

    drogba is an absolute legend, one of the best strikers i have witnessed joinin the likes of ronaldo,, van basten romario…..

  14. vikingoesp says:

    even in spain we know arsenal are a bunch of loosers!!!hahaha 7 years winnin NOTHING!!!!In arsene we trust???fine!!!keep going like that!!!hahahah
    CONGRATS CHELSEA!!!History owed you a champions specially after the SHAMEFUL ROBBERY OF BARSA IN 2009!!!!well done blues!!!:D

  15. vicosu says:

    dont worry arsenal fans our time will come, we will win the champions league and take our place as one of the worlds greats

  16. HeroesOfRandoms says:

    what does drogba sing after holding the cup?

  17. Sidakamikadze says:

    terry cant sing 🙂

  18. RodgersS94 says:

    i will never get bored of watching this 🙂

  19. strathmann2007 says:

    You just can’t miss David Luiz aha

  20. markiemark1965 says:

    why not? its part of your history

  21. Fabionisylaj says:

    Chelsea ♥♥♥♥]

  22. ctiz99 says:


  23. MrMikerusty says:

    If you dont want to speak to Chelsea fan then don’t post on a Chelsea vid you fucking moron. I couldn’t think of anything more pathetic and worthless than to post negative comments on a Youtube vid were people want to celebrate their teams success. How small is your cock?? seriously, get a fucking life!!

  24. chillinmc says:

    Chelsea FC is the New York Giants of UEFA. Congrats & Hats off to you!

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