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  1. khanhhoang2610 says:

    Juan Mata will at Chelsea 4ever!

  2. Henry94jets says:

    Mata #10

  3. VannessCloud says:

    We should thank him for Garry Cahill also my friend 🙂 Don’t forget That One!

  4. AlexMD242 says:

    I could make love to him day and night 😉

  5. Haykosify says:

    Mata* 😀

  6. PvtVaans says:

    why do all the spanish players wear that th3 choice stuff?

  7. pluto20010 says:

    how do you know?
    why do you say that?

  8. MrTrueblue1905 says:

    Theres only ONE MATTA

  9. nicool1987 says:


  10. AlaNxEdits says:

    He sound’s bit like BORAT!

  11. umid08 says:

    His English is very good…

  12. leethomas172 says:

    If we don’t win the CL this season has been awful.

  13. 95tanishq says:

    @0:44 MOTHER OF GOD!!

  14. mattgilliam21 says:

    If nothing else at least Torres got CFC Mata

  15. MrRee1000 says:

    If we win the champions league Mata will stay for at least another 5 years. If we don’t he’s whoring himself out to Real Madrid in 2 Years time

  16. cazzajenko17 says:

    I <3 My Blue Baby! Mrs Juan Manuel Mata Garcia is very proud her husband won Chelsea Football Club Player of the Year 2012! 😀 Xx <3

  17. cazzajenko17 says:

    I Totally Agree, I was beaming with pride for the whole hour! I hope he gets the plaudits he deserves when May 19th comes!

  18. TrueBLiNaAC says:

    He is cute 😀 Go Chelsea

  19. iradasinovic says:

    Not really.
    1. Ramires won the Players’ Player of the Year and …
    2. Mata’s been more important to the side than Ramires.

  20. inncredibleprince says:

    dats true …

  21. Salman Ahmad says:

    Mata = LEGEND

  22. ezhilphd says:

    Ramiries deserves player of the year. I dont know how chelsea fans chose Mata over Ramiries for all that he did. Ramiries should leave this club where he is always overlooked.

  23. FaridoCFC12 says:

    I LOVE U MATA !! <3 =]

  24. Fmeckerfritzef says:

    0:44 hehehehehe best scene

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