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  1. Tommycool47 says:

    1:03 fresh!

  2. whiteninja6913 says:

    1:05 forever alone

  3. mihaman55 says:

    0:07 Slovenia!!!!!!!
    KTBFFH!!! 😀

  4. Chelsea12345FC says:

    that feru looks class!

  5. MrMRpulung says:

    chelsea the big team

  6. TheCyberHO says:

    0:14 is that Ivanovic’s head ? 😀

  7. mkl3603 says:

    aww…….how come only the little kids get an autograph??? 🙁

  8. webbg22 says:

    Love Dids Forever

  9. PreciseBuntline says:

    we teach our youngsters to kick man utd’s ass even from the beginning. that’s what I like.

  10. TheJMc1888 says:

    fuck feruz celtic gave him everything and tommy burns kept him and his family in this country and he let us down and went to chelsea! no respect for the kid!

  11. kwakutheghanaian says:

    well the press conference will be after the euros as they will be off on international duties

  12. nwiley619 says:

    with a marin, hazard and hulk press conference as well!!!

  13. xtorres9compc says:



    200k a week move, and “new challenge”

    you cant doubt his love for chelsea because of the move

  15. Ahmed12Khan says:

    Yes,No? Call me maybe

  16. SirKnightStalker says:

    if drogba loves chelsea so much why he leaving?

  17. xdan9xx says:

    2 cups to man u’s 0

  18. razbijac8 says:

    I am CHELSEA fan from croatia

  19. superbuds0714 says:

    why not wish to play for them? be in the game instead of a spectator….

  20. LumGrabovci says:

    Without those legends i mean lampard,terry,drogba,petr cech chelsea is not chelsea im gonna miss drobga so much and im from kosovo and i love this club i love it !!


    Love seeing all these behind scenes and stuff is really awesome, like it be sweet seeing Mata just drive by lol but ya even the reserves playing at Old Trafford, even if its not full still be sweet and knowing Sir Alex is there, great stuff, love Chelsea!


    Love it man, Im exactly same thinking as you, except I live in Canada and love Chelsea and hope to save my money and fly to London and see Chelsea! Love Chelsea!

  23. OVOxSwaggoo says:

    NICE DREAM! My biggest wish is being  able to own chelsea one day… it’s a hard thing but i would like to own at least 25% of chelsea

  24. Berz3rg says:

    John Carew 1:25-1:32?

  25. mozmger says:

    blue is my favorite color and my beloved team CHELSEA

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