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  1. ARainsby says:

    Xavi doesn’t get many assists either. The stats don’t tell the whole picture, the flow of the game runs through Modric.

  2. OgFlatbread says:

    fucking youtube scout…gtfo you helmet

  3. OgFlatbread says:

    lol he clearly hasnt watched him play

  4. nintendofreak837 says:

    AVB also worked under Mourinho, don’t forget, and has arguably had more success at the higher levels of the game. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rodgers is a going to be a World Class manager. But don’t write AVB off yet.

  5. nintendofreak837 says:

    Sigurdsson is not a Modric like player. If anything, he’s more of a Van Der Vaart.

  6. ARainsby says:

    Sigurdson is not the replacement for modric and carroll is looking like a 10-15m player now not 35m.

  7. NlCKRAVEN says:

    How do you know he’s the replacement for Modric? AVB can still try and persuade him to stay, and even if he does go, we’ll get an extra £40M to spend, which will take us to £80ish, seein’ as Levy has given AVB £50M to spend. Look at last seasons stats too… Modric – 36 games, 4G and 6 Assists, Sigurdsson – 18 games, 7 goals and 3 Assists. AVB was treated badly at Chelski, players were ‘too good’ for him. Also, who’d want to go to L’POOL 8th, 5th and 8th…

  8. Brose95 says:

    If you’re a jealous Liverpool fan and you know it, clap your hands! *CLAP CLAP*

  9. tayto1932 says:

    ye but he’s the replacement for modric he is nowhere near the class that modric is . yes yous might get a striker but if players look at how some players were treated at chelsea they wont wont to go . and dont in clued carroll he is starting to look good 🙂

  10. ARainsby says:

    Do you think the transfer window is closing soon or something? We are going to spend loads of money and not on players like Henderson, Downing and Carroll lol.

  11. whiteblueole says:

    stop arguing hi is yido now!

  12. tayto1932 says:

    yous are loosing your best player modric and have no striker , and no harry haha good luck m8 .

  13. tayto1932 says:

    here if he cant do anything at chelshit he wont do anything with spurs . in my opinion spurs play better football than them . yous havent got a striker and modric is leaving . liverpool have an exciting young manger who jose morinhio said is a rising manager . cant go wrong . liverpool can only go forward , because if they go backwards , it will lead to relegation (which wint happen )

  14. ARainsby says:

    Spurs only came in for him later. You are deluded Liverpool were a mid-table team last year and Tottenham were a top 4 team. Even if liverpool are going forwards and spurs are going bacwards you are still not even nearly as good.

  15. hxcteenagekicks says:

    oh yeah definitely, finishing 4, 5 and 4th is really backtracking for Spurs… while 8th is going forward for pool.

    A Quad winning manager vs. A manager who has done what exactly?

    Looks to me like AVB’s managerial style suits spurs, he likes his pretty attacking football and wants a club to grow alongside. Spurs are the club with direction and a manager who hopefully now reflects that, Pool on the other hand seem like headless chickens still.

  16. tayto1932 says:

    he clearly didnt you fool . why one week he says he wants to join liverpool and then he goes to spurs . liverpool are goin forwards spurs are goin backwards with avb

  17. ARainsby says:

    He went to spurs because they are a muich better team.

  18. DanManFilmFan says:

    welcome to spurs!

  19. ToxicRewind says:

    A player you lot are close to signing /watch?v=IjfAy8Jm8IM&feature=plcp

  20. tayto1932 says:

    kinda glad we did not get him , dont really want any more money grabbers at liverpool

  21. colmanjacklfcynwa says:

    Welcome to Liverpool FC Gylfi Sigurdsson.

  22. hawker7886 says:

    Thumbs up if you agree he has Steve Mcmanaman’s moves

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  25. diego112g says:

    i still think allen is a better choice

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