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  1. digitalbath84 says:

    haha, Essien, “He’s the king of wembley”……i just think he was the King of the Bridge,
    La La La, Didier Drogba, La La La!

  2. petroff8 says:


  3. X3Vort says:

    Texting Liverpool player, don’t think you know but he was in liverpool dressing room for good 20 minutes swaping shirts with Pepe Reina, hugging Glen etc, he not happy at Chelsea.

  4. jtorres1582 says:

    Fernando Torres sitting in the back chillin’ and textin’ lol

  5. dumkopf says:

    The story of his season.

  6. gecomaman says:

    and mikel looking awkward naked in the background

  7. carefreechelsea105 says:

    Thanks for everything Drogba! You will be missed!

  8. MegaAliuk says:

    On other hand I’m so glad that he getting all long over deu credit that he deserve, Ii’ll be devastated if he leave but on other hand I’ll be happy for him to leave on biggest exit while he is still the best ( I can’t still believe how he defended during match with Barcelona )

  9. MegaAliuk says:

    @pluto20010 he is the best and he can be at least for 1 or 2 more years I’m so dissopointed that they say he might leave , they should extend his contract for at least 1 more year.

  10. thereyougoantonio says:

    while ronaldo is up to his fancy tricks and messi scoring hat tricks, drogba has always been that big, no-nonsense hero who’s always there for the big occasion.

  11. kyo0216toru says:


  12. tomaluta says:

    An africa man conquer EUROPE..what next?? we must send our children training every day…
    if not a NATIF indian american argentin like Messi IS a natif afro DROGBA.
    Give me 1 name of european footballer that we can compare to MESSI OR DROGBA? 

  13. Weebowx says:

    I said congratulations and you say shut up. What a nice english guy you are 😉 I said Bayern DESERVED to win. You cannot deny that.

  14. inoue1385 says:


  15. miernotaSandi says:

    OBI MIKEL, oh sweet lord O.o

  16. pluto20010 says:

    yeah man for me his the greatest striker in the world….he is like a beat when get angry becomes unplayable!
    he has super power in his shoots,can hold the ball for counter attacking,can dribble past the defenders,has super headers = THE BEST!

  17. thetiniboy1000 says:

    drogba you are my hero you inspire me to be better everyday from trinidad much love

  18. TheVokality says:

    shut up. At the end of the day, the team that can FINISH wins… Chelsea > Bayern, nobody will remember the possession in the future, they will only remember the SCORE and the WINNERS

  19. Weebowx says:

    Congratulations. But undeserved. Bayern played much smarter and more aggressive and in actual fact had to become the real Champions of Europe…

  20. rLoganXx says:

    Drogba I love you and I’m a scott you are my faviourite player and a inspiration to me your my hero you and lampard :p

  21. Dutchladystrawberry says:

    lol too bad he is like me , AFRICAN n Proud!!!!

  22. Dutchladystrawberry says:

    Drogba I love u but who is that boy in them lil black briefs , I swear I jst had a mini orgasm!!

  23. 4149TOBI says:

    Is that Torres sitting on own in the left corner? 

  24. tomaluta says:

    wish he was an ENGLISH MAN…LOL

  25. ClappedYourNan says:

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