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  1. joniqitu says:

    tennis lehend haha 

  2. yaozheng95 says:

    Namo Amitabha! Lord Buddha please give Chelsea strength!

  3. drgosalia92 says:

    Boris Becker! :)

  4. TheManbearbig says:

    borris becker is just a lovely lovely man.

  5. AceHalford says:

    Such a humble gentleman =) I love the fact he plays for Chelsea.

  6. TheLazzaRuss says:

    when he said i like to read, i thought he said i like to rave… haha lol

  7. TheyCallMeGandalf says:

    Loves his table tennis bless him..we love you Juan!

  8. richrichrichism says:

    2 world wars and 1 world cup, doo daa, doo daa

  9. lferdy1 says:

    Mata genuinely seems so sweet and humble, and he’s such an asset to the team as well. Great guy, I hope he stays at Chelsea for a very long time.

  10. geneliatalk says:

    Well done Man u ! Ran Citeh right until the last point of the last game with a squad that does not even come close to Citeh’s.Chelsea really need to buck up. How on earth have we let the other London clubs get past us? Newcastle have somehow got the jump as well and here we sit in SIXTH!! It is just sad :(

  11. mrdiv90 says:

    fuck i wouldnt mind gigs mouth on my hard cock

  12. mish3lovic says:

    i wouldn’t sell him for all the money in the world.

  13. leethomas172 says:


  14. MrLadz69 says:

    What an end to the season!

  15. cooldude5145 says:


    dedicated this to all the chelsea fans out there. do watch. 🙂

  16. MistaRayman says:

    Yeah. At 28, selling him for 20 million would be good money. Invest it on somebody young like Greg Van Der Weil.

  17. MistaRayman says:

    Glad ManCity won it. Its victory for the Blues this year.

  18. Ashbash5555 says:

    @chaseonit Its been in all the big papers and in the Rumour mill section on the Chelsea FC Website

  19. paulh909 says:

    Lukaku was BEASST today, it shows he can do everything… dribble, cross, make important runs for one on ones…. and hes just a tank, sooo strong. If we aint gona start him next season, send him out on loan like stoke, coz stoke suits him

  20. chelseaforever10 says:

    I didn’t want them to win either.

  21. KesserCFC4eva says:

    Probably bullshit.com

  22. KesserCFC4eva says:

    I love how we’ve still got a match to look forward to. Last match of the season, and it’s the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL!

  23. ONEshot1KILL4 says:

    i din’t want them to win that much

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