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  1. Robbie Campbell says:

    this is my favourite video on youtube and im not just saying that because i’m a chelsea fan

  2. Sabrina Suleimanova says:

    love u chelsea!

  3. samasima says:

    napoli fans, benfica fans, barcelona fans, bayern fans

  4. Gaston bernal says:

    Chempions Campeones si!!

  5. DeepChaosBlackshot says:

    So we met both Group A Winners and Runner up ^^ interesting

  6. MrSlambillion says:

    Guess what, We did 😀 we’re champions :)))

  7. Young Browne says:


  8. Faisal Kabital says:

    @farisghiffari dude where can i get footage like this, BTW GREAT VID KTBFFH!!!

  9. angat madon says:

    has anyone noticed that the team that manages to beat barcelona always wins the champions league another example in manchester uniteds win in 2008

  10. angat madon says:

    i totally agree with u he is such a attention seeker btw i thumbs up ur comment

  11. Jason Lau says:

    why would anyone dislike this video???

  12. MrDaniel1990536 says:

    great video been a chelsea fan for 10 years till the day i die will always support chelsea no matter what

  13. dumkopf says:


  14. fak ri says:

    your video are great,from Malaysian

  15. xJakaayy says:


  16. Farish Case Cooper says:


  17. brminta7 says:

    but Cheslea beat Bayern….

  18. lilbigbrow says:

    Well bayern lost the champions league title to chelsea in their own home LOL.

  19. lilbigbrow says:

    Hey maybe try to make your own comment instead of copying others..freak!!

  20. Joseph Au says:

    Great video, well done

  21. masix0505 says:

    2000 our 1st quarterfinal
    2004 our 1st semifinal
    2008 our 1st final
    2012 our 1st UEFA champions league title

  22. TheBuzzEagle says:

    el nino goal vs barca was !

  23. getalifeps3owner says:

    3:23 the fall of barca (fans)

  24. RKOEdgeOrtonRKO says:

    we will see … penalty shoot-out counts as remis … CL 2012/2013

  25. lobitalennon says:

    chelsea best!!!

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