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  1. pintercek says:

    John terry and Frankie are missing. But it’s very cool whit out them too

  2. Mak3sh says:

    Petr Cech drummer… Hahahaha I’d love it 😀

  3. MrOperationStatus says:


  4. joppemaniac says:

    Ferriera is not the best player in world, but he is awesome!

  5. jas kni says:

    Sounds like Drog is heading to barcelona, would you still want a statue of him if he joined for them!

  6. WhatsUpManHAAA says:

    this video is recorded ages ago

  7. MILWALLPFC says:

    millwal partizan belgrade

  8. t8otti says:

    1:25 Ferriera: Let it B!

  9. 77moke says:

    ahahha good one

  10. Myulti says:

    CFC is sponsored by Samsung, duh……

  11. edwindano says:

    Drogba lpng live

  12. sybellah says:

    This man is so humble, i remember my mum saying a few years ago they took the same plane and he was in the economic class, instead of 1st class. She said he was so quiet, simple and did not have the attitude of a celebrity. I truly respect this man, he is a great footballer and most importantly a person of high value. Long live to him!

  13. 77moke says:

    Drogba is great striker Why ? = Bcause he have enough money vor iphone and he gots a Crap Samsung

  14. 24toshiedan says:

    greatest striker

  15. EmoUndergroundRi says:

    drogba, you will be missed. 

  16. Gillmarvin says:

    get the fuck out of here fool

  17. imanishay says:

    Chelsea have been refused planning permission to build a didier drogba statue as its likely to fall over

  18. monkeybob123456789 says:

    You would expect drogba to have a nicer phone

  19. TheAnnemarie007 says:

    Please see my fifa 12 ultimate team serie a thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  20. BlueArmyChelsea says:

    Watch here our CL WIN ! /watch?v=X9ys8rsvXtg

  21. karanchopra8811 says:

    Drogba - King of Chelsea
    We will miss you

  22. theworkscw says:

    He doesn’t love Chelsea.. It’s all about the money. FACT

  23. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    1:25 ” let it be “

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