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  1. mamely14 says:

    Had my drogba Jersey on when this happened

  2. ThatLukeGuy26 says:

    Thumbs up if you think Ade, Munich sounded like a monkey!

  3. TheMati123456 says:

    Blue is the colour! ! !
    Didier is the legend of Chelsea

  4. miamiheat95 says:

    I still get goosebumps from this moment.

  5. didier drogba says:


  6. mrmittensworth24 says:

    Ive never felt so happy as i did when i had on my drogba jersey at the moment his header went into that top right corner 🙂

  7. Tim Politis says:

    It is sad that drogba is leaving but then we can play Lukaku and Sturridge and Mata can take 11 and hazard can be 10. Welcome to CFC HAZARD YOU BEAST

  8. glosolalias says:

    19 days ago, this momment… Was IMMENSE! Love you Drog. #Whendrogbascoreed

  9. sajdsjdsjkgds says:

    what if it’s the real ronaldo and not the CR7 chum?

  10. sajdsjdsjkgds says:

    wow a lot of chelsea fans in USA

  11. BlackEyedPeasChelsea says:

    CR7: “God sent me to teach how to play football”
    Didier: “i didn’t send anyone”

  12. ek51794 says:

    Incredible, What Goes Around….

  13. bendeedavies says:

    This gives me goosebumps..wow…that was one crazy night….

  14. TheReaderWriter says:

    Nobody can have number 11

  15. matt smith says:

    mata can have the number 11 which used to be lengendary dider DROBGA and hazard can have the 10 number simply

  16. JonnaDoesShuffle says:


  17. MrMarke10 says:

    Stick black power up your arse gimp

  18. klarasss1991 says:

    a whole town listened me screaming while i was crying….!!!!Chelsea greek fan!!!!

  19. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    O.O WOOWWWW !!!!!!!

  20. xHavokZzx95 says:

    I ran outside with just my boxers!! Lool

  21. VestaaaHD says:

    your not a commentator you retarded ass window licker

  22. lionelmessifan101 says:

    No joke I cried when drogba got the goal to tie and scored the winner…I also cried when he announced that he is leaving. I now hate my life

  23. bluesfan1997 says:

    And that was a pathetic attempt to make me seem like a kid. I’m not going to even try to attempt a comeback. I’m just going to enjoy this video as you continue to roam, trying to troll other commentators.

  24. slimabdulify says:

    such a fool, racist f**k, its ppl like you that give football a bad name. stupid cow

  25. pendejo92 says:

    whats the name of the song quick

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