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  1. UTPlayerGenerator says:

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  2. 26SCT says:

    Oh please. Liverpool ONLY KNOWS HOW TO TALK ABOUT HISTORY. Bunch of nooby fags

  3. liammonaghan0912 says:

    fuck u chelsea cunt

  4. MrNLMH says:

    thats not the premier league that’s the football league first division

  5. liammonaghan0912 says:


  6. MrNLMH says:

    how many times have you won the premier league

  7. liammonaghan0912 says:

    SOS 5

  8. liammonaghan0912 says:

    Chelsea are shite how many times have u won the champions league 1 the best team Liverpool 51

  9. tuznys says:

    oh my dont you know he was corret it was 2-1 to chelsea

  10. terryarkle1 says:

    2-1 to chelsea

  11. GoldWarrior7 says:


  12. MyGamerboy1 says:

    LFC <3

  13. ChelseaBoss13 says:

    All you waste cadets who think the ball crossed the line are dumb cunts WELL IT DIDN’T SO THERE! WE WON THE FINAL SO FUCK OFF CRY AT HOME!!! BITCH

  14. iron619man says:


  15. hellerlion1 says:

    football’s a conspiracy.

  16. fifadude1773 says:

    thumbs up if your watching this after the game

  17. CammyKazzi1999 says:

    MrConZoo funny how Liverpool LOST 2-1 Fool!

  18. lloydbowen73 says:

    Mrconzoo Chelsea won not liverpool

  19. skipper97100 says:

    Chelsea won what are u talking about?

  20. MrConzoo says:

    Funny how Liverpool won 2-1 lol

  21. smsi says:

    the real score was 2 vs 1

  22. Liamdonoghueownsyou says:

    Nope, liverpools my closest team, mum and dad supported liverpool, their mum and dad supported liverpool etc.

  23. bob2000a says:

    “two goalkeepers wouldn’t have kept that one out” oh really? thanks clive for your fantastic insight. must be why you never made it to sky.

  24. XDiScONeCtX says:

    LOL now compare this to the crappy PES simulation, always being wrong.

  25. BARRzini89 says:

    There are a while lot of bitter Livercunts on here. Especially xHurrendous. Get a life you glory hunting Livercunt. The same rules apply for most Liverpool fans being glory hunters. You support them because of their history, same way people support United because of their history and their dominence over the past 20 years. Fuckin’ hypocrites. By the way, I’m Irish and my whole family are mixed Man United and Liverpool supporters. That must make us all glory hunting cunts, doesn’t it? ;P

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