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  1. supermonkeyyyyyy says:

    9gag brought me here

  2. KiLLerGcrx says:

    Take a joke…

  3. asdasd2894 says:

    dickhead its on a newspaper

  4. tamblin12 says:

    Torres came to Chelsea injured. There was pressure on him to perform to his full potential and he could injured. He started to loose his confidence when he regained full health and simply wasn’t the same. He’s slowly getting his confidence back. May of only scored several times but he’s assisted loads of goals. He’s an incredibly unselfish player.

  5. ImmaCheetah says:

    I’m happy he scored. He got his confidence back.

  6. Jasonmendez795 says:

    youre gay and your not pro so shut up

  7. jacksterdtr says:

    @mrhimynamesucks he has 8, and 16 assists this season.

  8. MrHiMyNameSucks says:

    he’s only scored 5 for chelsea….

  9. kulmarguy says:


  10. NorthWeezy2010 says:

    stop fucking concentrating on the goals he doesn’t score and look at how many goals he has made for chelsea. He is un-selfish and after all, the team is more important than one player and he knows that. He is a great player, despite what shitty man utd and liverpool fans say

  11. megakingluca says:

    Haha yeah, you Liverpool fans take the piss out of Torres goals and price tag all you want.. But — Downing £20m, Carroll £35m, Henderson £20m = 5 goals & 3 assists in the Premiership between ALL three of them. What a joke! HAHA!

  12. noctae says:

    Now begs the question: Was it Jesus, Allah or Buddha that came through? 9Gag-ers will know.

  13. DieGoldkette says:

    WOW, Goal 6 & 7, in 38 Games!!!

  14. TheBlueSanity says:

    he really isnt carrol can`t score for shit he misses big oppurtunities and cannot score headers torres will always be better then carrol despite goal difference between the two torres will always be better carrol was a waste of money and even when torres was not scoring he was setting them up and his overall performance has been excellent … carrol`s performance has been quite honestly shocking

  15. TheBlueSanity says:

    he could have I was their at stamford bridge he is gradually getting his form back

  16. Oscars2013 says:

    u mean CG? (Computer Graphics? )

  17. hworkdedication says:

    It was edited its fake Torres can’t score only miss

  18. coalyca says:


  19. Oscars2013 says:

    in his bed?

  20. YOITSETEO says:

    fake. torres cant score

  21. ehmonja says:


  22. dbonillam says:

    haters gonna hate .l. Viva Torres 🙂

  23. Tobs321BOOM says:

    muamba is going to think he has been in a ten year coma when he hears about this

  24. Tawa96 says:

    Torres scoring is a sign of the return of Jesus…. Jk

  25. GizmoDaFerret says:

    Omg, torres has scored after 25 games-BIG DEAL, ANDY CARROLL IS BETTER THAN THAT RETARD!

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